About Me


I was born in New York City, and grew up in a little Connecticut coastal town called Clinton. My parents moved out of the city to pursue my mother's horse training career, so I spent most of my time as a kid around the horses (cleaning stalls, thanks Mom). When Guitar Hero III came out, I decided guitar was just about the coolest thing ever, and I started taking guitar lessons -- shout out to you Rick! 

My passion for music ignited with Green Day, Warped Tour trips, and garage band practice sessions. After high-school, I attended Berklee College of Music as a vocalist, and learned to love writing music. I graduated Berklee with a dual major in Film Scoring and Contemporary Writing & Production, as well as a minor in Video Game Scoring. 

Making sound for games and films really gets me up in the morning, it's always an exciting day when surrounded by wonderful, talented individuals and great music! 

Outside of my career, I really enjoy personal fitness, graphic design, and mixology (making mix drinks!).


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